Covid 19

These are trying times for all of us and every aspect of all of our lives had been affected in some way or another. Bucks Search & Rescue is no different. However:

Our Mission

Is to assist Thames Valley Police to search for high risk, vulnerable missing people when we are needed. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Throughout the current situation, we along with our sister teams in the Thames Valley policing area, will be providing Search & Rescue expertise and assets whenever and wherever we are required.

Changing Working Practices

We have adapted our Standard Operating Procedures to take into account government advice relating to infection control & social distancing etc and also following advice from the Lowland Rescue Medical directorate.  A few examples:

  • BSAR will be following all Government, Public Health England, Medical and Lowland Rescue advice as a general policy.
  • BSAR will adhere to the requirements of our stakeholders (Thames Valley Police, Bucks County Council Resilience Office) as appropriate
  • BSAR will align with fellow Thames Valley and other Lowland Rescue teams in our approach where possible.
  • BSAR have established a Covid19 team who will be responsible for monitoring and educating on adherence to the new procedures.
  • Our Welfare Officer is making frequent contact with all team members who are isolated either due to potential infection or because they are high risk.
  • Social Distancing will be practiced at all times on a live search, from initial signin / briefing to searching allocated sectors right through to standdown.
  • Team members are to be issued with individual PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when attending a search. This consists of a face mask, goggles, plastic gown and surgical gloves.
  • In the event that a Missing Person is located and Covid19 is suspected in any way, the entire team has received a briefing on changes to working practices to keep themselves and others as safe as possible.
  • All Training is now taking place online via video conferencing and our existing online training resources. Face to face training as been cancelled for the time being.

We need your help!

Much of our funding to keep us operational in this life saving work comes from funds we raise by providing services to local events such as fairs, fetes, festivals, sporting events etc . As all local events have been cancelled or postponed for the time being this has left a significant hole in our finances

There are lots of ways you can help, from changing the way you shop on Amazon, to making a personal donation, or if you are a local business, you can sponsor us. We’re always in need of supplies and equipment even at the best of times! You can help by changing how you making a donation, or by sponsoring us – please see our Support Us page for more info.

Thank You

Special thanks to the following companies who have helped BSAR during the Covid19 outbreak:

Marlow Gin

Marlow Gin have turned their distillation expertise to producing much-needed 80% proof hand sanitiser and have very kindly donated some to BSAR to help in our efforts to maximise hygiene on searches.

AkzoNobel – Wexham Park Hospital

On hearing that Wrexham Park Hospital were running out of protective eye glasses, AkzoNobel, who make Dulux paint among many other things, have very kindly donated a supply of brand new protective eye glasses to the Hospital.  In addition, they have also donated a supply of pre-used eye glasses to BSAR to help equip our members with essential PPE when out on searches.

Future Safety Limited

Future Safety Limited have kindly donated 8 visors for our manta helmets used by our water and boat team.