Our Capabilities

Bucks Search & Rescue train every week to ensure our skills and capabilities are up to date. We are trained in, and able to assist the full time emergency serices with the following capabilities:

Search Management – We have qualified search planners and managers whose specialised role is to plan and coordinate the most efficient and effective search possible with the available resources and intel.

Foot Search Teams – Search Technician teams are qualified and experienced in first aid and casualty evacuation, navigation, radio operation, search techniques and missing person behaviour can cover all terrain types found in Buckinghamshire and neighbouring areas, day or night, rain or shine

Bike teams – Our bike team members are all qualified Search Technicans with additional training and fitness testing to ride bikes offroad over varied terrain providing quick and efficient searching of routes and paths and providing rapid response logistics support to our foot teams, delivering supplies and equipment to where they need it, fast.

Bank Seach – Bank Search qualified Search Technicans are able to efficiently and safely search potentially hazardous riverbanks and other boundaries of land and water.

Flood First Responders – Our Flood responder team can assist with the evacuation of people from flooded areas and deliver flood relief in the form of food & medical supplies, warm clothing and other items needed in flood-bound areas.

Water Rescue Team – Our Water Rescue team are qualified Swift Water Rescue Technicans (SRT) and are able to operate search and rescue operations in swift flowing water such as swollen rivers and floods.